How To Start A Professional Business Website When You’re Broke

Most think a professional website costs hundreds of dollars. This is just not true anymore. With the right companies, even a novice computer user can create and maintain a profitable business website online without breaking the budget. With a little creativity, you can create a business website or blog with a professional logo for $7.75.

A domain and hosting is the starting point for any business website.

I use Namecheap for my domains and hosting.  Namecheap offers domain names for $0.88 (.88 cents) and a year of wordpress hosting for $8.88.

For less than $10, you can purchase a domain and an entire year of hosting.

Namecheap offers other hosting plans, but if you are new to blogging, stick with the WordPress hosting. It takes out all the guess work and allows you to begin creating your website immediately.

Get a professional logo for FREE on Fiverr.

“Gigs,” or jobs completed on this website, start out at $5. You can get a high quality, professional logo for $5. There are thousands of sellers in each category, so find one that matches your style.



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