Strange Ways To Make Money Online

Really strange ways to make money online.

When the internet was new, it was somewhat hard to find true ways to actually make real money online. That is ultimately why we all started focusing on coupon sites and free stuff sites. Opening the mail was similar to Christmas morning. I never knew what I would get day by day.

Thankfully, with the internet quickly shifting to the main avenue to do everything, earning legitimate money online is plasuable.

The only catch- the money you earn with these unique ways often come in the form of Gift Cards. If you do not fancy the idea of an Amazon Gift Card, or a Gift Card for Ebay, Target, Starbucks, Google Play, Gamestop, Xbox, etc, most offer visa gift cards, which can be used anywhere you can use a credit card.

Make Money Playing Games

Mistplay gives you “units” for playing games you would normally play anyway. My biggest earners are Words With Friends and Yahtzee. Two games I play daily with my husband while he is at work.


I’m often asked what website I make the easiest money on. My answer is always the same- Swagbucks. If you shop online at all, you will be able to earn cash back. You can also do surveys, sign up for free trials, play games, or just visit websites to earn money.


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