How to Make Money and Gift Cards on Swagbucks

I’m often asked what website I make the easiest money on. My answer is always the same- Swagbucks.

I stumbled on Swagbucks when I participated in a survey about Multiple Sclerosis for a local college.  When I was finished with the survey,  the college sent a $25 Amazon gift card. Confused, I called the professor running the study, who opened up my world to earning gift cards online.  He told me about another survey currently available online- except this one was through Swagbucks.
I earned enough the first day to request a $10 Amazon gift card. In one week, I earned enough to pay for all 3 Elementary school supply lists for my kids. My Amazon gift card balance reached triple digits again within a month. By doing nothing more than completing a couple surveys, using the Swagbucks website for searches, visiting new websites, and playing games.
Then I realized just how awesome Swagbucks is. My husband needed to make a purchase from Sportsman’s Guide. Sportsman’s Guide currently offers 5% cash back (or 5sb per dollar spent). This added 750sb (worth $7.50 in gift cards) to my account. On top of that, because it was my first purchase from one of their partner websites, I received an additional $10 Amazon gift card.   When all was said and done, he saved over 10% off his purchase.

I started doing all my shopping through Swagbucks and I consistently make 10% or more in gift cards from each purchase.

If Amazon Gift Cards are not for you, there are many other options available, including Wal-Mart gift cards, Starbucks gift cards, Target gift cards, Ebay gift cards, and more. You can even have cash sent to your Paypal account, or added to a Visa prepaid card. You can also use your earnings to donate to charities.
Think about it- how often are you sitting on your phone killing time? Imagine if the games you played earned you points (points on Swagbucks are called SB)? I once sat in a doctors office waiting room and earned enough SB to request a $15 gift card.

So, to make easy money and earn gift cards online, sign up for Swagbucks. Just for signing up and completing your profile (which takes about five minutes), you will earn enough for a $5 gift card.


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