It’s Time To Start A Blog The Right Way, Maybe.

It’s time. I feel it in my bones. In my soul. My recent “up-in-smoke” failure is far enough behind me, the craving is starting again. It is time to start my next adventure, and this time, I want to do it in a way that benefits others. In a more profound way than posting relate-able memes.

The issue? Yeah, I don’t exactly know. It is an interesting mixture of ADHD, procrastination, depression…. crippling anxiety. MS brain fog does not help, I’m sure. The list goes on. Yet, at the end of the day I am aware of my shortcomings, so at least there is that, right?

I haven’t failed at everything I’ve done. I am a mother of three intelligent, kind souls. I home school full time. I am still married to the same guy after 14 years. That in itself is an accomplishment these days.

I also have a sizable amount of passive income built up online. I accomplished this by selling physical goods- books, journals, and several MS children’s books. My first book was a children’s book explaining Multiple Sclerosis for my kids. Now I have published around 2000.

Seems a bit manic, I know. You should have been there for it, because trust me, it was. As soon as I realized the potential, I couldn’t look away.

I sell my artwork as well. There is a pretty good chance if you live in Texas, you have seen a car with a decal I designed. This started with the oil boom. I kept noticing the insane amount of “oilfield” related products popping up everywhere. I jumped in on the action and created a few designs that began selling an impressive amount almost instantly.

Again, I was hooked. Today, my artwork sells on 350+ products across several print on demand platforms. These print on demand services offer my designs in dozens of niches, in every category on their site. I figured out a few secrets to making this successful, and applied it on each new niche I discovered. Like the original images that started this, my inspiration still often comes from my husband’s line of work.

Being married to a safety man makes life interesting. I’m sure it will make this blog pretty interesting as well.