About Me

What Is An Internet Consultant?

I have always struggled with my job title.
At a young age I was considered a computer geek. At twelve I wasn’t looking at websites at face value, instead deciding to right click and view the source of a website and learn what they were made of. If you’re brave, do this now. Right Click >> View Page Source. (It isn’t harmful to your PC at all and you can’t mess anything up, I promise. After you look at what really makes up a website close the popup.)

That crazy language you just brought up makes more sense to me than what it produces. When I look at a website, I don’t see red, I see #FF0000.

As I got older (and the idea that computers were starting to take over the world grew) my title changed from Geek to more respectable versions. I’ve been called everything from Webmaster to Internet Operations Manager. Eventually I just started telling everyone I freelance online. Why? Because it seemed to cover a broad enough category of what I do to satisfy people without getting an eyebrow raise.

However, it never satisfied me. I wanted a title that really explained where my passions lie and what I try to do.
Since the early 2000’s individuals check on the web first when they wish to seek out a product or a service. Combine the rise in popularity of smartphones, and this has made the internet the number one place to find a product or a service to cater to your desires. Ten years ago a website was enough to get your name out there. Today a website is nothing without Social Media to compliment it. Because I have paid attention to this since the beginning, I know a thing or two. In turn, I attempt to use that knowledge to create the strongest online presence my clients can handle.

That is how the title Internet Consultant was born. A consultant is a person who provides expert advice professionally. My expertise centers around the internet. It sounds FAR better than freelancer. Sure, I still freelance, but that is no longer a title, but a verb.

Does that mean that i know everything there’s to grasp regarding the internet? No. Not even close. An internet consultant helps individuals and businesses determine and meet their goals online. I do that to the best of ability everyday and I enjoy it.